Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rock Walls

She knew that they were all going to the climbing gym. She knew it because she had seen them making plans on facebook. NOT because they had invited her. They hadn’t.

She didn’t care. Climbing a fake rock wall inside an old stinky warehouse was stupid anyway. Playing with her latest photo app on her iPhone would be way more fun. She’d turn all their faces into cartoon caricatures. That’s what she really thought of them.

So what if they never thought to invite her to their stupid activities. She didn’t need them. She didn’t care.

Well, not that much….

Seems like it was just Saturday, and here we are again. I've been soooo busy lately that the weeks just go by in a blur and I barely have time to post on the blog. But Saturday means it's Saturday Centus time, and I love to play along. This week dear Mrs. Jenny gave us a photo of a climbing wall as the prompt...'plus100 words', she said. OK, gotta go check Facebook and see if anyone's invited me to anything. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Foxy Fascination

It's Alphabe-Thursday again, time to continue with my A-Z exploration of Patagonian Chile. This week's fabulous letter is F.

F is for Foxes.

I can't remember a time I've been to Patagonia and not seen foxes. Grey ones. Red ones. They're self-confident, intelligent and shy and very inquisitive without wanting to appear that way.

This little guy lived underneath the hotel in which we stayed in Torres del Paine National Park. He was born in late November, which would have made him just about 5 months old. He was comfortable around people and wasn't shy to let you know that this was HIS hotel. The hotel staff told us that they had named him Cabezon, which means big head (as in cocky). The morning we checked out, he had left his calling card right on the front step by the hotel foyer.

You can see how young he is if you look closely...still missing a few teeth.

He came to check us out as we were packing our car to leave. If you had any doubts as to his gender, he was happy to oblige and let you know that he was a dude! "Hey, look at me, I'm marking this light post and if you didn't catch me the first time, I'll do it again for you."

Although not the sharpest photo in the bunch, this one is my fave. It's a reminder that he IS still young and loves to play just like a puppy.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Granny's Excellent Adventure

My mom-in-law, affectionately referred to as Granny, came to hang out with us today. We decided it was such a beautiful day that she needed a little sun and fun. So we took her canoeing. It's supposed to be relaxing, but perhaps it was more of a white-knuckle thing for her. She's a good sport, though, and she DID enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the lake.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Best Kind of Tired

Through the layers of deep sleep I hear a small voice. “Can you help me finish putting together my Lego set? Now?”

It's an amusing little whine...except that it’s 6:20 a.m., which means that not enough hours have passed since my head hit the pillow.

“OK, buddy, let’s see what we can do,” replies RT, pushing back the covers and rolling from bed. Big feet and small feet softly pad down the hall.

Another little voice. “Grandma, I’m hungry.”

I can see I’m done sleeping. Tired as I am, it’s the best kind of tired there is.

Saturday Centus time again and Mrs. Jenny must have known what was going on over at our house this week! This week's prompt is in red above. Be sure to visit the other Centusians by clicking HERE...and no whining!!