Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday's Serenity

This is right outside my window. I look at it and am overwhelmed with a sense of wonder. Gratitude. Belief. Love. And many other feelings.

Step by Step

Sometimes you bend. Sometimes you break.
Sometimes you count each step you take.

Two breaths in followed by two breaths out,
Over and over for the entire route.

Falling into a rhythm, the miles pass by.
Step by step, if only you could fly.

There, up ahead you can see the sign.
FINISH it says, a word so divine.

It's Saturday Centus time again and Mrs. Jenny threw us the perfect prompt today (in red above). It's been 18 months since I last ran a half marathon. Today was the perfect day for it. And the course took us through miles and miles of fall colors. 

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Thursday, September 27, 2012


I know it's Alphabe-Thursday and so you think I'm going to post more photos from Chilean Patagonia. And normally I would, but this week we study the sumptuous letter S, so I thought that a little switch in scenery was in order. Honestly, I'd be totally remiss if I didn't share some of the amazing beauty that we are being blessed with right now in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah...right here in my back yard...literally.

So sit back, relax and let your senses soar. Fall is here in all its glory. It makes me want to sing praises to that God who made us and who loves us enough to paint the world in stunning and radiant colors.

If you loved this, check out yesterday's post...the clouds were INCREDIBLE!! Next week, back to Patagonia we go to complete the alphabet "tour." Meanwhile I hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall (or spring, if you're in the southern hemisphere). Be sure to stop by and visit the other Alphabetarians over at Mrs. Jenny's and see what they're stirring up this week.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Not Fade Away

Each day I savor the rich colors of fall, knowing full well that I will awake one day...soon...too soon... and they will have gone for another season.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Too Much Noise

47%...blah blah blah.

1%...blah blah blah.

99%...blah blah blah.

8.3%...blah blah blah.

4 more years….blah blah blah.

No more years…blah blah blah.

$16 trillion…. blah blah blah.

48 vs 50…blah blah blah.

October 3 …blah blah blah.

November 6…blah blah blah. 

Oh my, look at the fall colors. Aren’t they beautiful?  

The constant blah blah blah of politics is making my head spin and I'm starting to feel like a deer in the headlights.

I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Time for another Saturday Centus from our fabulous Mrs. Jenny. This week's prompt is in red above...and now you know what's making me see red...both literally and figuratively speaking.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a Short Hike

A good friend suggested we get an early morning start and hike up nearby Ben Lomond peak. For sure we'd be home by 11:00...we left at 0-dark-30, after all.

The mountain towers some 4700 feet above our beautiful valley (its elevation is 9700'). With the fall colors in their full but short glory, I couldn't resist. And I was excited to learn that a couple other friends would be coming along too.

So, with headlamps on and cheery optimism we headed up the trail in the dark. The sun began to peek over the mountains - a fiery red ball - as we emerged from the scrub oak at the start of the trail.

Up up up we went. The colors were spectacular even though we only got half the view due to the lingering smoke from the fires in Idaho.

As we hiked along the narrow trail where it drops off steeply to the valleys below, we spotted Rocky Mountain goats perched on the rocky cliffs above us. What a grand sight that was.

We were thrilled to reach the summit where we rested briefly before beginning the long descent back down. It was a great day with an awesome group of women who are real troopers.

Was the hike short? No. 16.02 miles by the time we finished.

Were we back by 11:00? No. Eight and one half hours later we arrived at our waiting car.

Was it worth it? Every single step.

Would I do it again? Not any time soon, but I'm so glad we went today. Thanks, ladies. Hope you all get a chance to soak your feet tonight!