Monday, April 30, 2012

Ever Changing

We went from this.... this.

Poor little friend. So wet. So sad. 

Speaking of's a new little friend we met. I've decided he's a Shebama...(Sheltie, Bassett, Malamute mix...sheltie ears, malamute face, bassett legs and feet). What a sweet little guy.

This was our campsite this around 8:15 am...still dark...and raining cats and dogs. 
The day ended with this beauty. No pot of gold, but who needs gold anyway? 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yellow? Yes. Roses? Maybe Not.

I hear that there's a yellow rose in Texas, but this is the best I could do to find a yellow rose in southern Chile for right now. 

You see, it’s fall here, so most of the roses are looking more like this... 

But if it’s yellow you want, I've got plenty of it for you. 

In the houses. 

In the furniture. 

In the trees all around. 

And believe it or not, even in the midnight sky if you keep your eyes open for a long time.

There you have it. My Saturday Centus for this week (the prompt is in red, above), Patagonia style. Check in over at Mrs. Jenny’s and see what rosy offerings the other Centusians have left behind.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week’s Worth of Wonderful Wandering

In case you were wondering, I have not fallen off the planet, although I've been pretty close to the bottom of it. I did remember that it was Alphabe-Thursday over at Mrs. Jenny's...and we’re working on W this week. Did you know that the letter W is not used in Spanish?

W is for wandering, which is what we're continuing to do at the bottom of the world where it's wild, wet, wide-open, and wonderful. We’ve been totally winging set schedule, just going wherever our wheels take us.   

A couple of wacky weirdos enjoying the wilderness!


For those of you who check in regularly from Mrs. Jenny's my apologies for not visiting your blogs. My internet connection just barely allows me to post anything (in fact, these photos are all from my cell phone...I haven't even been able to post the "real" photos yet). I promise I'll get caught up and come visit soon as we get back home. Meanwhile, hope you're enjoying tagging along. And be sure to check in with the other Alphabetarians to see what words of wisdom they might have this week by clicking here.