Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bohemios en Barrio Bellavista

It’s time for Alphabe-Thursday again, and this round I promised to work through my Patagonia photos from A-Z. While definitely not a part of Patagonia, no trip to Chile or that far south would be complete without a stop in Santiago on the way. It helps to break up the long journey, plus it’s a great city with lots to see and do.

So, for the letter B, I’ll be babbling on about...

Bohemians in Barrio Bellavista

One of our favorite neighborhoods (or barrios) in Santiago is the bohemian quarter known as Bellavista. It is home to artists, poets and other free-thinking individuals. It is the location of La Chascona, one of the homes of Pablo Neruda, Chile’s poet laureate who received the Nobel Peace Prize for literature in 1971.

To wander the streets in Bellavista is a visual feast…there are old mansions that might look to be crumbling, but you can bet they’re still pretty tasty inside. Many of the buildings are covered with colorful murals, some with political or social messages, others just plain dressed in funky art. I love the area and can never take enough photos of the painted walls. And, as always, the people are delightful.

Bravo for Bellavista and its bold inhabitants!

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