Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Chair

The chair dominated the small room*, silently pleading for someone to sit. Dusting it, I chuckled to myself.

The corner had needed the perfect chair – not too big or small, not too contemporary or rustic, equal parts appealing to the eye and soothing to the body.

We never found the exact one, so we had one made. Upon completion, we carefully secured it in the back of the pickup and drove home.

Wind gusting, something caught RT’s eye in the rearview mirror. Our precious new chair. At the side of the road. Hijacked by a freak wind.

Now it stands, mostly unused, but perfectly rustic.

 *And, that, my friends, is my Saturday Centus for this week. (And, by the way, it's true). This week's prompt, above, is in red. Ride the wind over to Mrs. Jenny's and try out the other Centusian's chairs.


Lynn said...

Ouch, that hurts!

Christine said...

just look at it this way, it has some character to it now ;)

Susan Anderson said...

Figures, right?



PS. Still looks great, though!

Judie said...

Awwwww! What a shame! Great use of the prompt, though!!

Ames said...

That's sad. Reminds me of a neighbor who wanted my help getting a dresser and mirror in the back of her truck. I told her she should take the mirror off but she wouldn't listen. The first corner she took sent it sailing into a hundred shards.~Ames

Bookie said...

This is a sad tale esp. since now I know it is true!

21 Wits said...

No, that is too sad! But I do like your photo! said...

I like it. Rustic's a good look.
Great story.

Melody said...

Oh no!! That's awful! I hope that you were able to recover it!

Great job! And thanks for coming over and visiting me at my blog earlier.

Koby said...

That must have been heartbreaking. Life sure has a way of making up some good stories. I enjoyed reading your story.

Dreaming said...

Oh noooooooo! Not the chair!

noexcuses said...

Nice job! I love old and rustic! It's so fun when our stories are true, isn't it?

Jim of Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place [Saturday Centus] said...

It's a nice chair story, Anita. :)
It reminds me of the chair I had in another life.

I found it on the roadside, minus one hind leg. An upside down paint can and a corner of the room solved that problem with it.

Judee said...

Perfectla rustic, love it. Nothng better for a corner of the room than a chair with a tale to tell.

Kara said...

I love chairs like that...but it is rare that anyone has time to curl up and read like that.

Unknown said...



Jenny said...

I loved this.

And I can totally relate to the true story of it!

I actually love the chair as it is! I'm not a big fan of perfect makes me too nervous...and I can never totally relax around it.

I would totally sit there with a comfy flannel throw in my lap and read a book.

Thanks for sharing your chair with us.