Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peaceful Storm

I'm always amused when people ask me what camera I use and how many mega pixels it has. I've long believed that while technology is great, at the end of the day good photography has little to do with the camera and a lot to do with opening our eyes and seeing the world around us. Today was a classic example.

Robb and I had planned to make a quick trip to Ogden (about 30 minutes away) to do some errands before the promised storm really set in. While I waited for him to clear our long steep driveway, I noticed a large tree beginning to be burdened by the heavy load of fresh snow that had been falling steadily since last night, so I grabbed a quick shot of it with my cell phone.

Since it was already snowing heavily at the house, I was surprised that it was only raining as we made our way down Ogden Canyon into town. Thirty minutes later on the return trip up the canyon the road was already disappearing under the new snow of the arriving storm. The snow had completely obliterated the landscape as I knew it and presented us with a new one. Once again, I grabbed a few shots with my cell phone.

2 comments: said...

Anita, I totally agree with you about the camera thing. I mean it helps me to have a nicer camera at times, but you have an eye for this! You have a way of seeing things in such a simple yet awe insprining way. I subscribed to you blog now, and can't wait to read all your updates.

PS how the heck do you get so much snow up there! I LOVE IT! I dont even think Rexburg has had half as much snow, and its an iceburg, i swear!


Vanessa said...

LOVE it!