Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogless - BooHooHoo

It's Alphabe-Thursday over at Mrs. Jenny's and I was so excited because I had JUST the thing for this week's B. But, I was in sunny California without benefit of my computer and it seems that for all the wonderful things my new iPhone4S can do, one thing it C.A.N.N.O.T. do, is blog! WHAT?!!! Are you kidding me?!! So, my entry is wayyyy late but such is life. I'm doin' it anyway.

The Bounteous Blessings of Boys



Being Brilliant (like Carnac).



Brilliant Baby Blues.

 Busy. Busy. Busy.



Beloved Black Buddies.  




 Both boys. Beautiful. Beloved.


Susan Anderson said...

I am so sorry you didn't get a chance to link up. Because this was absolutely beautiful!!!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I agree with Sue, I just loved your b post! I had two boys also, one blonde and one with black hair and they were so much fun!

I loved Bodega Bay and the entire area. Thanks so much for stopping by!!



Francisca said...

Brilliant. Beautiful. Bewitching.

You were Bright to come knocking; this B post put a Beaming smile on my face. :-D

Maggie said...

merci Beaucoup for your visit to my blog and for sharing your brilliant B post with me.
bon dimanche

Teresa said...

This is the best! Both boys are adorable, and your pictures are fantastic. I actually figured out which phone would let me blog on it before I got one. I know~I'm pathetic and addicted. Glad you left a link so I could find your beautiful b post!

Pondside said...

Beautiful, indeed! Your boys remind me of my two grandsons, just 15 months apart in age, and in perpetual motion - sometimes hyper-speed and sometimes slow-mo.
You may not have linked on time, but I think you've made the best of it by letting us know - I'm glad I didn't miss this!

Vicki/Jake said...

YES! I'm glad you posted this and let us know too. What cuties! I had four boys and if given the chance ( I love my girls..) I would have had all much easier and no drama:) Hug em to pieces!

Leovi said...

Nice pictures, a true wonder. Delicious, sweet these portraits ... Gretings.

H said...

Beautiful! Your boys are gorgeous. My two boys are older now, but it is lovely to have boys :)


Awesome photos! Your beautiful boys are blessed. Thanks for sending me the link.

storybeader said...

what great photos of the brothers. Are they twins? They look about the same age, and both so cute! {:-Deb

The Poet said...

I have to agree with Sue & am sorry you didn't get a chance to link up.
I'm glad you stopped by & left your link on my blog though, otherwise I wouldn't have seen this wonderful post.

Your blonde boys are too cute!
Awesome photos.
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate it.

Seasons Of Beauty

Unknown said...

Your boys are super adorable :) These are some wonderful photos you took of them too! Now I really wish I could have a boy...

Steph said...

Wonderful post. What sweet Blondies. It stirred up a lot of wonderful memories. Some times I wish we could hold them in time and other times just loving who they are coming to be. They are precious.

Gattina said...

Can't deny they are blond !!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Boostfully, brilliantly blogcasted! What boyutiful kiddos! I so loved every photo you snapped. What a way to capture timeless treasures and to preserve each one in a virtual world. Thanks for the invite and for your visit!

Jenny said...

They are so beautiful!

I love this link! Little boys are so earnest...and adorable!

These pictures really warmed my heart!

Sorry you couldn't link. Those new phones confuse me so bad I can't even make a phone call with them sometimes - ha!

Thanks for linking up this way anyway.