Monday, April 30, 2012

Ever Changing

We went from this.... this.

Poor little friend. So wet. So sad. 

Speaking of's a new little friend we met. I've decided he's a Shebama...(Sheltie, Bassett, Malamute mix...sheltie ears, malamute face, bassett legs and feet). What a sweet little guy.

This was our campsite this around 8:15 am...still dark...and raining cats and dogs. 
The day ended with this beauty. No pot of gold, but who needs gold anyway? 


21 Wits said...

Oh poor wet puppy! You know call me silly, because I'm the first one to not like the rain, (when vacationing) but gee whiz, what pretty photos you made out of a rainy day. My goodness, I know that one with the raindrops and colored boats would be marvelous hung on anyone's wall! Dreamy place, cool shooting!

Susan Anderson said...

When I take photos in the rain, they don't turn out this way.


Esther Joy said...

Patagonia - I'm going to have to look up exactly where it is on this planet. And Wow! Beautiful shots of the clouds and storm.