Saturday, October 6, 2012

Without Regrets...

How beautifully leaves grow old. 
From green to red to shades of gold. 

Full and vibrant in summer sun
'Til the fall winds come and they are done. 
How beautifully leaves grow old. 
As summer heat turns to autumn cold.
No whining complaint is ever heard
No sorrow or regret, no bitter word.

How beautifully leaves grow old. 

To subtle hues no longer bold. 
For all a lesson to be learned, 
When our time comes, be not concerned. 

Another Saturday Centus from our beloved Mrs. Jenny...the prompt this week in red above, as always, plus 100 words. The poem was inspired by the words of Dieter F. Uchtdorf in his Saturday morning talk at the semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in which he spoke of how we can better live life without regrets.

Be sure to stop by and see what the other Centusians did with this week's prompt by clicking HERE...and then...get off-line, go spend some time with family and loved ones running and playing in the fall leaves or doing whatever brings you joy.


lissa said...

how true, thanks for sharing these lovely pics.

hope you have a great day.

Susan Anderson said...

Love it!

Jim said...

The red leaves are perfect for Saturday Centus 'reds'. I think your dog will agree, he/she seems to be enoying being their midst.
I'm not doing Saturday Centus again as BiG needs at home. Someday again, ...

Anonymous said...

Nice One!

21 Wits said...

You so aced this! I kind of went the same road as you, but not nearly the lovely autumn photos that you brought through here. Your words so sweetly they sing too!

Ames said...

I used to feel sad at Fall when all the leaves die and fall. But now I look at Fall as a rebirth. Loved your pics!~Ames

gautami tripathy said...

This is so beautiful....

healing power of the soul

Anonymous said...

Lovely song, lovely pics.

Jenny said...

To subtle hues no longer bold.


I loved all your words, but this line struck me intensely.