Thursday, November 12, 2015

Torres del Paine Via My iPhone

Even though it might seem otherwise from the title, this is really not about what technology works best for photographing a place as magical as Torres del Paine, the beautiful national park in the very south of Chile. It's more about sometimes just being in the moment and enjoying the journey without being burdened by heavy equipment, proper exposures and all of that. Now, don't get me wrong...that's still important to me. But I'm not selling this work. It's not being published in a book. It's not being enlarged to billboard size. It's just for me. Just to capture the essence of what we saw and did those wonderful few days in winter that we last visited this stunningly beautiful place. (Not to worry...I have plenty of those OTHER photos which I'll share, but for today it's iPhone time). And besides, that iPhone does a pretty stinkin' good job anyway. 

The heavy "real" camera didn't really lend itself to trying to focus in this crazy sideways wind. The trusty iPhone was perfect!

I guess that I should add that those chunks of ice were blown across Lago Grey from that glacier you can see in the background. The front edge of the glacier is a couple hundred feet high and about 3 miles wide, just to give you a little perspective. Those blue chunks of ice floating in the near background are big enough to be a $1Million home in California. The smaller clear ones were small boulder size. Yup, a little perspective can help.

Yeah, I'd say the iPhone did ok. 

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