Sunday, December 18, 2011

Heavenly Day

I often stand all amazed at the beauty of this earth and the great gift that it is to us. Every new day is a new wonder...even days that don't seem like anything special.

As we often do after church on Sunday afternoons, we took the dogs for a walk.

We haven't had a real snow storm for a couple weeks, so the dried grasses are starting to show through again. It makes for interesting of my favorite things to play with.

The creeks and streams have frozen over.

A lone runner enjoyed the cold air and the solitude of the mountains.  
Jake and Albert were up to their usual shenanigans...trying to bite the hub's ankles as he walked, getting their faces covered with snow and chasing each other up and down the hillsides and along the path at full tilt, tongues wagging and snow flying everywhere.

The reservoir has begun to freeze over...seems like it happened almost overnight. The process is not quite complete, but soon the tents of ice fishermen will dot the frozen surface. 

It was another heavenly day in our little corner of this beautiful earth.

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Susan Anderson said...

Somehow the world always looks a little more beautiful through YOUR lens.