Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So It's a Little Cold Outside...

It's true. I think the high today was maybe 20...but so what? So you throw on a warm coat and a hat and some gloves. Just think what I would have missed if I had holed up inside all day. 

The fox didn't skip hunting. 


Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Fabulous photographs! I'm freezing just looking at them! Brrrrr. Not looking forward to winter.

You've absolutely guessed my inspiration - Georgia O'Keeffe! I've loved her work since I was a child.

I'm your new follower.

Have a great day!

Susan Anderson said...

These are wonderful. I especially love the fox you captured.


jen said...

I love the reflection picture. These make me cold, just looking at them. Can't wait to follow you. I've been meaning to stop by for a visit for a while now. Glad I did today. Made me miss Idaho. A lot.

Splendid Little Stars said...

gorgeous frozenness! beautiful photographs! How wonderful that you got to see a fox!