Monday, May 14, 2012

Change of Scenery

It might not be Patagonia anymore, but we live in a pretty sweet place too. I love the clouds here.

This was a pretty common sight in Chile, not quite so common at home, so I couldn't resist grabbing the shot since they were posing perfectly for me this morning.

Funny thing about it...a woman was wanting to get into her car which was parked next to the truck. We watched her stop, think about it, walk all the way around the front of her car, only to decide that she might need to wait for the owner of the truck and dogs to return before attempting to unlock her door. He came back just as she was getting on the phone to call someone for help, only to announce that the dogs were super friendly and were probably just wanting to say hi.

Speaking of dogs, our boys were happily reunited with the hubs for some good nap time on the couch.  


21 Wits said...

Oh your clouds are amazing, but those three cool dudes on your truck rock too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to look at during a rainy day here.


Susan Anderson said...

You do have some amazing clouds where you live. I guess they go with the changing weather patterns...

And that dogs-on-truck photo is a little intimidating!