Monday, May 21, 2012


Monday. Early. Time to leave. Leave to serve. Serve for one year. Away. Far away.

We owe these families a lot. Our thanks. Our respect. Our support.


21 Wits said...

I certainly know a great part of this. My nephew first and my son-in-law twice. My heart goes out for all the family members, it really does effect the children far more than many would believe. I pray to God every minute they're gone until their return. It never gets easy....this last deployment was really tougher for my daughter, when Dillon went before she still lived here and was attending college. This time they were married with a child, dog and cat....a house and full time's so wonderful to have them back again as a family! I have to say I really hate war. Period.

Susan Anderson said...

So hard.

Such a sacrifice for the families.

Wish they were getting more of what we owe them.