Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Craziness of Coming Home

Vacation is wonderful. But I often feel like I need a vacation to recover from vacation upon returning home. First, it takes a full day of travel just to get home. Then there's unpacking. Laundry. Mail to sort through. Laundry. Mail to read. Mail to respond to. Bills to pay. Did I mention laundry? Grocery shopping. More laundry. Blogging to catch up on (can't leave that out). Responsibilities that got left by the wayside while, they don't just disappear. And all this while being sleep deprived.

No wonder I make faces like this!

1 comment:

21 Wits said...

Oh my goodness! that's a wild look for sure! My son in law has an app or what ever it is on his phone that can take a person's photo and turn them into a zombie! Seriously! You even get to fine tune your nose and eyes and's unbelieveable. He took my photo, and I'll tell you there's no way I'd share it! Ha ha! Welcome back home, and get a good night's least one! :)