Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dirty Driving

Alphabe-Thursday time again and we continue our tour of Chile and Patagonia. This week we're discussing the delightful letter D....

D is for Driving on Dirt.

I'm taking a little detour from posting photos in the way I normally do. These are a series of short videos created with an iPhone app called TimeLapse (it's not a true video but rather a string of still images, therefore the sense of having pressed fast forward...) Sit back and enjoy the drive... if you tend to get car sick, move back a little from your monitor.

This first set is on the drive from Santiago toward Valparaiso.

And now, leaving the paved streets of Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar and heading south to the (mostly) dirt roads of Patagonia... if this makes you dizzy, keep in mind that our average speed was between 30-35 on those dirt roads...

The pass between Coyhaique and Cerro Castillo.

Heading south from Cochrane towards Tortel (the end of the road).

Continuing on south towards Tortel.

Take a quick drive over to Mrs. Jenny's and see what the other Alphabetarians are doing with that dang D by clicking here.


jfb57 said...

Wow! This was brilliant! I had no idea my little phone could do this. Many thanks & I was sick at all! :)

Susan Anderson said...

That was quite a drive! Really cool technology to be able to do that...

And it really felt like I was in the car, too!


SarahBeth said...

Wow, what a ride! I loved the dirt roads with the encroaching trees and underbrush -- and something running out in front of you!!
Glad I went along on your D drive!!

VBR said...

great post for letter d. we get to go along for the ride!

Jo said...

what a cool app
and what great shots!
but i couldn't watch them all, i did get a little carsick
but cool!!!!

storybeader said...

that was so much fun! Love that software! But how did the phone stay so steady!

What a long tunnel that was, in the first video, I think it was! And what jumped in from of the car?

Thanks for the ride! {:-D

Unknown said...

The most beautiful views towards Tortel! And I hardly ever am car sick, but I did move back with the tunnel - hope you really didn't go that fast through it:)
Thanks for sharing your travels! Chile is modern modern than I thought!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Such an amazing way to record at a long drive! I'm curious as to how many photos were taken in all, and were they taken automatically?

Jim said...

Wonderful Down and Dirty Driving, Anita! Another reason I need an i-Phone. Were you driving and taking the pictures? I assume you were the front seat passenger. The speed at which they showed made it seem like a Disney Wild Mouse ride or the like.

The one with the camera pointed towards the sky felt like we did a jump but didn't come back down. Most of them left me remembering our such adventures.
1. Passing the bus -- Our bus drivers in Jordan were racing between Amon and Petra. The lead bus broke down and we passed, kept on, and won the race. That was real scary.
2. Narrow roads in Ireland, Colorado or New Mexico.
3. Our spring Canary Island cruise 'excursions,' especially the one from Virgo, Spain.

I did note your seasons are reversed from ours.

Thank you for sharing and welcome home.

Naperville Now said...

love the app! great videos.

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

I didn't know cell phone could do that! That's a great app, and you had quite a ride.

Lola said...

A virtual ride - great post!!

The Poet said...

Dear Anita,
WoW! These are AMAZING! You have a steady hand! Some of them were a little scary, especially those last few...reminded me of my father-in-law last year driving way too close to the cliff edges whilst we were visiting them on vacation. Awesome post! I'm going to have to download Timelapse for my ipod. Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Your Divine Secrets

Jenny said...

Wow. I love dirt roads! They are always such a delight...although sometimes a bit scary!

Thanks for letting us tag along on your recap of your trip!

I truly want to visit there someday! It's really lovely!

Thanks for linking up.