Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

I've been visiting my daughter this past week. She and her family live in my childhood home. A friend I’ve known since Kindergarten was in the neighborhood, taking care of her elderly parents. She stopped in to say hi. I hadn't seen her for many years.

"Has it really been a decade?," she asked. "A decade?!," I exclaimed. "Try FOUR!"

A lot has happened in those years. College. Marriages. Children. Grandchildren. Successes. Losses. More good than bad - like this little man turning 5. "Has it really been half a decade?," I think to myself. "Wow. Where did the time go?"

Saturday Centus time again over at Mrs. Jenny's and this week she's waxing nostalgic. The prompt is in red above, plus she gave us 100 words. Hope you're having a happy walk down memory lane yourself. Check out what the other Centusians are thinking about by clicking HERE.


Bookie said...

So true...time races, and more so the older we get. Can't wrap my mind around speed of time anymore!

Susan Anderson said...

Love that pic of him with the drums. He looks very comfortable there!


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

SUch a cutie.
Oh you are so right too.
My babies are now having babies!

~Naila Moon

Viki said...

How fun that must have been meeting up with someone you've known all these years.

The Poet said...

My dear Anita,
What a beautiful story. Yes, time waits for no one. In fact, time changes with every second, but not LOVE (smile) when its TRUE. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Gail said...

Time waits for no person.

Beautifully written and so full of truth, it's sad.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh what a cute little guy! Wish there was audio on here, so I could hear him play the drums. You are so right, time flies when we're having fun, and it sounds like you're ha fun. laurie @

Anonymous said...

Nice story for the prompt--and he's adorable.

Judie said...

Anita, your little guy is just precious!!! Wonderful Centus!!

Jenny said...

Five is such a magical age!

I love that your daughter lives in your childhood home.

That just makes me feel all warm and dreamy. (and I don't think it was even a hot flash at all, really!)

I'm glad you're having this fun time with them. It just goes by so darned quickly.

Happy Sunday!