Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot Dog!

I don’t really mind the heat,
so long as it’s not on my feet.
The thought of sleeping on ice,
really seems mighty nice.
Cuz in the dog days of summer,
This winter coat can really be a bummer.

It's Saturday Centus time again. And this week Mrs. Jenny gave us a photo prompt - a bulldog chillin' on ice - and instructed us to write some poetry...100 words and no additional photos. Well, you know's against MY rules to NOT use a photo... and poetry...well, I'm not looking to be named the poet laureate anytime soon. But it's fun to play along anyway. 

Be sure to stop on by Mrs. Jenny's and see what the other Centusians had to say by clicking HERE.


Lynn said...

Fun poem and your dog's a cutie:@)

Susan Mystery said...

Nice photo to go with your poem. I so was thinking of adding another photo also, but chose not to. Great Job!

Viki said...

Cute poem and picture. That dog could use a haircut though lol.

Susan Anderson said...

You're always good with a rhyme.

Well done!


EG CameraGirl said...

Dogs sure can cool off fast with their feet in cold water. :)

Judie said...

I love that photo! You are just multifaceted, Anita. xoxo

21 Wits said...

Winter coat or not, that is one darling dog, and I just love his charming house too! Oh and of course your poem rocks as well!

Nonna said...

Hahahahaha !
That was a fabulous treat...nicely done :)
I so wanted to add some more photos but I've been in 'Time Out' with Jenny for breaking the rules over several weeks and wanted to get 'outta that stinking corner so bad, I ignored my own inclinations this week !!!

Jenny said...

What a cute illustration!

Although with all that fur, I suspect your poor dog might have time finding a chill...even on ice!

Cute use of this prompt!