Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Too Much to Do on My To-Do

You see this? Yes, this!

You know what it is?

Yes. My new camera. The one I've been waiting for since February. Yes, February.

Am I excited? Yes, of course!

Then why am I showing you these...photos shot with my iPhone...?

I'll tell you why. Cuz I'm too busy to actually take the time to take it out of the box and figure it out and see all the nifty cool things it does. I have too many things to do on my to-do list. That's why!!

But soon. Yes soon. And when I do, watch out world!


Susan Anderson said...

I wish I could accomplish with my iPhone what you accomplish with yours!


Lmkazmierczak said...

You do really cool stuff already♫

rmannell said...

New technology always promises great new abilities and/or features but it does take time to learn how to use them well.
Considering how interesting the iPhone shots are, I think we can look forward to some great shots from the new camera.

Teacher, NSW, Australia

Anonymous said...

Stop it! You're killing me with those pup pics!!!!!