Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sa_urday C_n_us

Cycling uphill is crazy hard, 

so simply add gas and go go go; fly sky high!

Haha...that Mrs. Jenny. I think she may be losing it. Well, at least it seems she's losing letters. Last week it was E and this week it's T. Our Saturday Centus assignment was to write one sentence without any e's and without any t's...the two most common letters in the English alphabet. Last week I paid homage to the cyclists who road in the Tour of Utah race, and this week it's the motocross guys who are competing at Powder Mountain Ski Resort. Fly high, fly fast!

Stop on over at Mrs. Jenny's and see how the other Centusians fared with this little ditty.


Bethe77 said...

Great write

lissa said...

perfect combination of words, you've done well without T's and E's.

have a great day. said...

Great action shots, Anita. The scenery is gorgeous too. I love your fun take on the Centus.

Be well.

21 Wits said...

So cool, silly one up high and down low! I'm smiling!

Anonymous said...

Good take on the assignment -- love the photos.

Unknown said...

Brilliantly done. Love the pictures too! Bravo!
Mine is here
Have you an AWESOME WEEK!

Susan Anderson said...

Amazing photos and a terrific title!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Great sentence and fab pictures. laurie @

Ames said...

You did it! So it wasn't as hard as you thought!~Ames

Anonymous said...

Dam'd good, I am in awe!

hjdbedfb said...

Really nice photographs :) And you pulled off Jenny's challenge awesomely :D

Jenny said...

Brilliant you!

Cycling down hill is hard, too. Especially when you have horrible balance like I do!

Love your pictures! Great action shots!

EEEEEEKKKKK!!!! TTTTTTThis was awesome!