Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Gift

Me: It's the peak of the political season. Lots of talk about lots of things. You know - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

RT, noticing the painted board sitting by the fireplace: What's this?

Me: Oh, Mrs. Jenny made that.

RT: Really? What is it?

Me: It's a birthday gift for you...a few days early. 

RT: Really? That's cool...I like it.

Me: It's only words. And words are all I have to tell you how much I love being married to you and living here in Liberty. That's all. Hope you like it. Happy Early Birthday, my love.

Took a quick little trip to Jackson Hole as part of the birthday celebration. As my friend Angela wisely said, "when you celebrate a birthday, you're celebrating the event, not the date." True let the celebrating begin, I say!

Haha...and as part of celebrating HIS birthday, I got a new pair of kicks....gotta love that!!

Saturday Centus time again. I love how Mrs. Jenny just knows exactly what prompt to give us each week (in red above). She's so smart...and so talented. Don't you love the sign she made for us?!

Be sure to stop by Mrs. Jenny's and see what the other Centusians did with their 100 words.


pasqueflower said...

Love the sign and the boots and the awesome skyscapes.

Susan Anderson said...

The sign is perfect! Good job, Jenny! And yes, I DO love it!!


PS. Happy birthday to "RT."

Judie said...

Hey! I have a couple of those signs!!! Aren't they fun??? Jenny is so clever! And you know what I think of your photographs.


lissa said...

sweet early birthday gift.

thanks for your visit & have a great day.

noexcuses said...

We all love Jenny, don't we? She always knows which buttons to push! I love your use of the prompt and really, really love your pictures! A good friend used to own a ranch in Wyoming and loved working it! Thank you for sharing!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Great sign, and I love the way you tied it into your prompt. Your photos are so pretty. I want your boots! laurie @

Naperville Now said...

Happy Birthday -- great sign!

Ames said...

Cool sign! Where did you take these pics? The abandoned house is speaking to me as well as that valley. ~Ames

Unknown said...

Nice sign. Nice birthday present.
Very clever!
Best wishes,
(P.S. It's nice to be back with SC. Been away for some months.)
'SC week 123 It's only words...'

Jenny said...

Oh hooray!

I like it!

I'm glad you do, too.