Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's the Furball's Day

"Hey, gimme that!"

"No, I had it first."

"No, it's mine!"

"We gotta go, anyway. I hear Mom calling for us."

"Awww, we were just getting started."

"C'mon boys. Are you ready for some football?"

"Football?! Did she say 'football'? She knows we don't even HAVE a football."

"Not football, silly. FUR BALL...she said 'are you ready for the fur ball?'"

"Ha, we're ALWAYS ready for the fur ball!"

Today is a special day, cuz our very favorite fur ball in all the world, Thump, turns three.

Happy Birthday, Thump! 

You are one sweet wabbit!!

It's Saturday Centus time and Mrs. Jenny was so sweet to honor Thump with the prompt this week (in red above) and a gift of 100 words to go with it. So, if you're done partying and you're sick of football already, be sure to hop on over to Mrs. Jenny's and see what the other Centusians are doing.


Lynn said...

This was fun! And even though rabbits aren't my favorite critter (garden issues) I have to admit, Thump is awfully cute:@)

Maude Lynn said...

So cute!

Bookie said...

This is sweet...a fur ball! Cute dogs!!!

Dreaming said...

This was so much fun! Cute!

Viki said...

Fun centus. What a cute rabbit. We have a couple that come into our yard. They are so fun to watch.

Susan Anderson said...

Loved this!


BECKY said...

Oh, I LOVE Thump! What a darling wabbit. Is he a wascally wabbit, too? We had a flop eared bunny a few years ago and he was really smart. Great story for the Centus!

Kranky Granny said...

Lovely bunny. One of our cats brought one home a few weeks ago. Came right in the cat door with it and let it loose.

I was amazed she treated it like a kitten and it was unhurt and happy to be captured and returned to the field.

Anonymous said...

Love Furball!

hjdbedfb said...

This is a great post! :D And your doggies and bunnies are so cute! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

LOOK at those cute pups! And that furball bunnie is waaaay cute!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Thump! You are really somebunny special!


Love your narrative here!

Thanks for the laugh.