Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As I See It...

...that's how I shoot it.

I have ADD. It means that I have a hard time tuning out peripheral stimulus. When I have a conversation with you, it might seem that I'm not paying attention. I am, but I'm also paying attention to about a 100 other things that are in my eyesight and earshot and sometimes within range of my nostrils too. I suppose it's a good trait for a photographer, because I notice everything around me, even when no one else does, or if they do they don't care. So, I take photos of walls, trees with shadows, store signs, etc.

Oh well, just sayin'...not that anyone cares.


Susan Anderson said...

It's a gift.


Sarah Haynie said...

I have never noticed that you did not listen when we talked but if that is what makes your photography so incredible - we all benefit from it. Love reading your blog and admiring your photographs.