Friday, January 6, 2012

I Want I Want I Want...

I was pretty excited to read that Nikon is finally coming out with the long awaited D4 (it's no small coincidence that if you hit the shift key when typing it becomes the D$...heehee), even though I'll have to work hard to justify the purchase. I said to the hubs last night, "ok, let's see... anniversary present, birthday present, Mother's Day present, Christmas present and several 'just becauses'"...and that for the next several years!

My D300, my faithful friend and workhorse, has plenty of mileage on it and has served me extremely well, but even an old favorite pair of shoes needs to be replaced now and again.  It was announced that the D4 would start shipping in February, but I imagine its true availability will be much later than that, so, I can continue to "ponder" the buy or not to buy, that is the question, right?...

Hello Sweet Oz!
Even though I'm drooling over the next generation of hot stuff from Nikon, I'm also continually amazed at what things can be done with an iPhone (and other cell phone cameras)... here are some shots I was playing with, courtesy of the sleeping grandbaby and some of my favorite dog models.  Shhh...don't tell the hubs, he'll want me to sell the D300 and not buy ANYTHING new but just use the iPhone... heehee

Albert Thinking He Should Be Addressed as PRINCE Albert

Jake Barely Tolerating Being Snuggled

Albert Can "Lounge" Anywhere Anytime!

Jett Has Landed

Albert Being Albert

Jake with the Soulful Eyes


Susan Anderson said...

My iPhone pictures never turn out that well. Kinda frustrating. And the flash on it never seems to work out either.


Splendid Little Stars said...

I understand your dilema. Photography is such a joy. I do love great photos, however there is cost involved. My little camera can take great photos, but I really do need to upgrade. (Notice the "need" word!) Good luck with your decision making.
It IS amazing the photos phones can take now!
And fun set of photos you've posted here!

Stephanie said...

I feel the pain! I want the d7000, which is nowhere near yours, but it would still be a fun upgrade for me. It's hard to justify, though. And there are always WAY too many things to buy around here, as you can imagine. For now I've resolved to be content with my current one, which I love. (Although I feel like I'm outgrowing it just a little...)Someday.

marina said...

oh my adorable these pictures are!

Pam said...

Love your iPhone shots. What is it with puppy eyes? They are so sweet AND that baby Jett just keeps getting bigger; NOT so fast Buddy!