Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Mountain Road

Saturday Centus time again. You know how sometimes when a person's not feeling well they kind of take it out on everyone around them? I'm sure that Mrs. Jenny would never do such a thing...I'm sure she's a person of much higher moral standing...however, she has been a little sick and she did give us a mean little treat for our first Saturday Centus of 2012...a cliff hanger. So, my good and faithful friends, I'm giving it a shot...the prompt is in the text in red 

(Our instructions were 100 words (give or take 5..heehee...) plus the be continued next week in true cliffhanger fashion).

I drove in silence, replaying that conversation with RT from just a little while ago. Old wounds for each of us, collective but separate, had been revisited.

Climbing over the steep and winding pass with its towering walls, I glanced a hawk gracefully landing on a lofty roadside perch where, likely, an egg was safely nestled.  

I made a mental note of the storm looming ahead, reminding myself to be extra cautious on the treacherous road.
Rounding a corner, something caught my eye. Hanging off a cliff ahead of me, a single tree, barely clinging to the stark rock. Strong. Beautiful. Independent.

Suddenly, my mind snapped back to attention…

Click here to take a quick trip over to Mrs. Jenny's to see what cliffs the other Centusians are hanging from...
and come back next week to see how this little ditty ends!


Christine said...

beautiful pics had me wandering in thought, until...what will happen?

Daydreamertoo said...

Okkk... now I need to know what happens with the tree and the storm and the drive.

Judie said...

I hate it when my mind snaps back to attention! I had much rather be oblivious! Looking forward to part 2 next week!!!

Susan Anderson said...

These photos are so gorgeous, Anita, and so is your writing.


Ames said...

A friend of ours told us about a tree growing out of the side of a mountain when he was stationed out west. He has a pic of it with his buddy in front of it. He is now 70 y/o and he went back to visit his buddy that was stationed there and the tree was still there. Now he has a picture of him and his buddy in front of the old tree. Their friendship was as solid as the rock that old tree was growing from.~Ames
P.S. Eyes on the road!! :)

21 Wits said...

Oh that storm moving in is scary all by itself! What could this all be leading to....I just wonder what you are going to have in store for us! I ditto the comment on just how lovely your photos are too!

Unknown said...

Fabulous pictures and the words had me the ending about you or the tree or something else on the journey, I wonder?

Unknown said...

This was an interesting take on the prompt, that the tree is the object that was hanging from a cliff.

Great pictures too.

You have set us up. Can't wait to read the rest!
Best wishes
Anna's SC Week 88 Cliffhanger

KM said...

So cool, and what snapped you back?? :)

Thanks for visiting Thursday! I am visiting from Ms. Jenny's. :)

Jo said...

oh i got so got up in the imagery ... wonderful writing!

Nonna said...

OMGosh, a great read and fabulous photos to boot...very well done !!!

Jenny said...

Your intro totally cracked me up!

And then I got sucked into your story. What wonderful photos and descriptions!

I'm really glad I'm reading these so late. I can get to part two hopefully still today!

Can't wait!