Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Last 100 Miles

With all due respect (OK, let's be real...that generally means you have NO respect), but with all due respect, I think Wendover is one of the armpits of the world. There's almost nothing there, and what is there feels rank and tawdry to me, like dirty ashtrays. But, having said that, I have a love hate relationship with that seemingly endless stretch of road between Wendover and Salt Lake City. Yes, the mighty salt flats.

Sure, I hate it when it's the last bit of road on the way from California to Salt Lake and it's dark and I'm dead tired and I just want to arrive WITHOUT pulling over on the side of the road and going to sleep. On the other hand, it's a fascinating stretch of countryside with some of the most unique views one can imagine. The flatness of it. The reflections - are they water or are they mirages? The textures. The colors when driving east just as the sun is beginning to set. And of course the sheer mystery and vastness of the desert.

Some day I'm going to drive out there with the sole purpose of photographing it. But for today, I'm happy it's behind me and I'm home.


Ashley said...

Bring me with you! I feel exactly the same way =]

Susan Anderson said...

I really dislike the salt flats, and I always wonder why. They really are interesting.

I guess it's the desolation. It's grim to me.[


Nikki Nichols said...

OH I hate hate hate that part of the drive... I love the southern route back home so much more than the northern!