Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prayers Ascending to Heaven and Icicles Hanging Down

It's Sunday, the day I try to focus my mind on more spiritual thoughts. I was sitting at my desk staring out the window at the icicles hanging down. I do that a lot these days. They change regularly as it snows, warms, melts, freezes and on and on. Last night I was looking at them backlit by the nearly full moon, wishing I could get the right angle on them to make a good photo...I didn't think I could, so I didn't try. Maybe another evening.

Back to sitting at my desk, my mind adrift. My thoughts turned to the idea of prayer. What would prayer look like in a photograph? Soft whispers of spirit matter drifting upward? Quite the opposite of the cold hard icicles pointing down, perhaps.

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Susan Anderson said...

These are wonderful, Anita, and so are the thoughts that go with them.

Really lovely.