Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not Every Day Requires a Theme

My day started off with this cherubic little Kewpie which was left, lost or otherwise abandoned to float on the SF Bay until we came along.

We spent the day on the road. I shot solely with my cell phone since my camera and lenses were packed away in the back of the car and too much hassle to pull out. While the cell phone is limiting, in a way it's liberating too, since I know that the images are never about technical perfection. It left me freer to shoot loosely rather than precisely.  So, no theme to the images, just things that caught my eye. 

Things like peeling plaster on an old historic building... 

Even my own shadow... my shadow might be fleeting, but not me. While my body may wither and die, my spirit is eternal and I'm planning to be around for a very very long time.

The shadow in a window... the light has come and gone, come and gone time and time again... the pattern will repeat itself likewise.

A lone tree clinging to granite cliffs, nourished only by the snow.