Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bushwhacking Wednesday

Yesterday it was all about bridal stuff, all dainty and feminine. Today was all about hiking boots, getting dirty and fighting our way through the underbrush and scrub oak that grows on the steep mountain side behind our house. There are only a couple of small windows in the year when it's even possible to navigate one's way through the woods - in the spring when all the snow finally melts and in the fall when all the undergrowth has dried up and essentially disappeared.

We've been wanting to explore our property and today was the day. Maybe, eventually we'll cut some hiking trails through the woods. It's certainly pretty enough to make it worth while.

The ferns are coming alive. In a few weeks they will reach heights of over 6 feet. No, I'm not exaggerating!

See a trail anywhere? Maybe that's because there isn't one! And if you think this looks dense, this was one of the "better" spots.

 Steep steep hills...

So lush and green. Lots of wildflowers blooming - whole meadows of blue bells.

 Even though I hate that my favorite lens has died on me, I'm reminded that I have a macro lens that I rarely use. Maybe I should break it out more often.

 We climbed up up up... nice views of the valley below (well, nice for's hard to capture in a photo). I still can't get over how steep the mountain side is. 

My bushwhacking partner. Maybe next time we'll bring a machete. We certainly could have used it.


Ashley said...

I LOVE how green it is! So beautiful! That looks like such a wonderful adventure =]

Susan Anderson said...

Just wonderful. Flowers, scenery, everything.


KinseyBug said...

All of your photos are just breathtaking:) Te Iubesc!!