Friday, June 17, 2011

Toolin' Around

We went into town today to pick up my hubbie's canoe, which he had been storing in his mom's back yard for quite some time. No need to cover it... nature was taking care of that.

On the way there, Albert snoozed in the back seat, while Jake caught a breeze and checked out all the passing scenery.


A quick stop at the shoe repair shop...

I love old crusty long as it's someone else's and not accumulating in my house.

A few totally random observations...

Killer, here, tried to chase me away when I walked in front of his house. Never mind that he probably topped off the scales at 2.5 pounds.

And finally, my favorite place of all, home sweet home.


Susan Anderson said...

I especially love that bright green one with the branches running across it.


Austin Hill said...

i love pictures of cool vintagey stuff. as always, i'm blown away by your talent. bytheby i'm unbelievably obsessed with your dog!! probably a dumb question but what kind of dog is it? is it a scottish terrier? gorgeous!!

Austin Hill said...

sorry this is kathryn (hodgman) hill not my husband :)