Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's Always Something to Shoot

I had big plans today, just like everyday. And, just like most days, what I planned didn't quite happen the way I planned. My big plans included both taking the dogs for a good walk and finding something new to shoot. As often happens, the things that needed to be done took longer than expected, leaving the things that wanted to be done for later in the day.

By the time I finally got around to the fun part of my big plans, a cold wind and stormy looking clouds with rain had blown in. No unwelcome weather was going to keep me from shooting even if it meant shooting abstracts through the rain covered windshield. And the dogs might just have to be satisfied with a ride in the car.

So, off we went in search of a photo. Here's a new friend we made at the post office.

The dogs watched him drive off with his people. I'm sure they wanted to know why they didn't get to get out of the car and play with him.

Albert, the consummate backseat driver, always needs to know where we are going next. Since it was raining, we decided to just take a little ride and check out our old neighborhood (where we lived temporarily while we were finishing our house).

As quickly as it came, the rain went away and the dogs got to get out and play. 

  Some other friends we made along the way...

...and, I got to take my photos...

Moral of the story: never let a little rain keep you from your big plans

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Susan Anderson said...

It is breathtakingly beautiful there.