Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday in Two Parts

Part I: It's Still Not an Ice Cream Cone, but...

Jake and Albert are best friends. Jake moped around the house all day yesterday while Albert was at the vet. When we brought Albert back home, Jake took one look at him wearing the "cone of shame", and I'm sure he decided that Albert would need a little straightening out after getting a good night's sleep. First thing this morning, he grabbed the cone and pulled it off Albert's head, and then proceeded to demonstrate what it's true purpose was. I imagine the "conversation" went something like this: "Albert, you silly dog, what's that thing on your head? Don't you know it's for TEARING, not for WEARING?...let me show you how it's done."

Once they had dispensed with the dreaded cone, Albert slept comfortably most of the day flopped on his back. Jake, the dutiful and caring friend, snoozed nearby, waiting for his buddy to regain his normal strength. We should all have such a devoted friend.

Part II: Friends and Neighbors

My friend, Erin and her husband, live down the street. We can see their house from ours - a log house sitting amidst a grove of trees next to open pasture. Their property is one that needs to be visited to be appreciated. Hidden from the view of strangers is an idyllic lane with a thick canopy of trees and a stream that marks the property boundary. The lane takes you back into the peaceful depths of her land and past several charming old cabins. The first time I saw her land, I knew I'd be back to photograph it.

On the way to Erin's this afternoon, I passed another neighbor...

Oh, and have I mentioned all the wildflowers in bloom? A couple weeks ago it was all yellow...and now, the blues and purples are waking up too... all this color is crazy!! Crazy beautiful, that is!!

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Susan Anderson said...

Wonderful pics, all, but the color in those last two blows me away!

And your dogs are a crack-up. What a team!