Monday, June 6, 2011

Poor Albert, Poor Me

We awoke to another beautiful sunny morning today. Our morning hike was great until I discovered that my favorite lens (and, of course, the one I use the most), had pretty much given up the ghost. I dropped it while climbing over some boulders when I was in Iceland a couple of years ago. Other than some pretty good dings on it, it seemed to be working well enough until recently. Today, though, the autofocus up and died, once and for all. So I must say "adieu, dear lens. You've served me well, but the time to depart has come."

Other than that, our hike was lovely. Albert and Jake enjoyed exploring the trail...that is until Albert ran through a patch of stickers and got completely covered in them. The photo is out of focus (thank-you, my beloved lens...), but you get the idea. Thankfully, the stickers disintegrate with a little brushing. So after about 20 minutes of combing them out one by one, he was good as new.

I guess I'll be shopping for a new lens soon. Sadly a good lens will cost much more than the camera itself. Ah, just one of life's little challenges.


Vern said...

I broke one of my lenses while taking pictures at a wedding. That was sucky timing.

Anonymous said...

This entire post just makes me cringe. I'm so new to high end cameras and have yet to damage any equipment. I know it will happen but yikes. Poor puppy, one nasty beard clump is the worst I've wrested.

And you do it all with a smile,


Susan Anderson said...

Sorry about the stickers. That looks painful!

And I know how much those lenses cost. Heather bought a new one, and I seriously almost died when she told me!


Stephanie said...

That drives me nuts! You're not having good electronic luck lately, either. I feel like everything around me is dying! Luckily my camera has come out unscathed. So far... KNOCK ON WOOD!