Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three Days Running...

After not posting for three days straight, perhaps you may have thought my next post would be a Dear John*, of sorts. No such thing. It's just been a wild few days. We came out to CA so I could help my daughter with  her booth at the SF Birth and Baby fair.

The first day we were here, our youngest puppy, Albert got very sick in the middle of the night and had to be taken to the vet the following morning, where he stayed for the next 36 hours. He had been vomiting pretty much non-stop and had stopped eating. Our normally energetic and happy little boy was totally listless and sad looking. We thought he might have eaten something that had caused an obstruction. The vet thought he might have contracted parvo, but fortunately the former was was ruled out with an X-ray and the latter with a quick blood test. We never did find out what caused the problem, but after being given IV fluids and antibiotics, he began to rally. And today, back with us, he seems to be well on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile, the baby fair went well. And while we were doing that, the "boys" (that would be my son-in-law, a couple of his friends, and my husband) worked on constructing the kids' play structure in the back yard.

Definitely had our ups and downs these past three days but all in all, life is good and there's nothing better than being with family. And these are the cutest boys ever...right?!

*my nod to Saturday Centus, this week, even though I kind of missed it....


Susan Anderson said...

Those grandsons of yours are pretty cute. That's for sure!

And I'm sorry about Albert and very glad that he's recovering, That must have been scary.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely terrifying! Belly rubs to your sweet baby boy.


VK said...

What cute kiddles. Hope the dog's better. Glad I didn't drive the dessert today.