Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall's Speedy Arrival

It's officially the last day of summer. I heard a friend say something about getting out the deck chairs and watching the colors change. It seems as though it is happening so fast, but I want fall to linger. I love the colors and the crisp smell of the air. I'm not ready for the cold (the really cold).

I had the pleasure of hearing Virginia Hinckley Pearce speak last night. She quoted a poem about autumn by George Sands, which I really liked but have been unable to find. So this one by Emily Dickinson will have to do instead...

Besides the Autumn Poets Sing by Emily Dickinson

Besides the Autumn poets sing
A few prosaic days
A little this side of the snow
And that side of the Haze --

A few incisive Mornings --
A few Ascetic Eves --
Gone -- Mr. Bryant's "Golden Rod" --
And Mr. Thomson's "sheaves."

Still, is the bustle in the Brook --
Sealed are the spicy valves --
Mesmeric fingers softly touch
The Eyes of many Elves --

Perhaps a squirrel may remain --
My sentiments to share --
Grant me, Oh Lord, a sunny mind --
Thy windy will to bear!

Along with the squirrels, the deer seem to be enjoying the fall.

And the dogs's much more fun to run and play in the cooler weather...

...and then to luxuriate in the warmth and comfort of the sofa after. 


Vern said...

I'm okay with fall, in fact I usually love it. But it never lasts long enough and before long we're covered in snow and begging for mercy. Of course you'll just skip to the beach and post pictures for all of us to drool upon while shivering in our long johns in front of our home computers.

Can you see I'm not ready for the cold?

Susan Anderson said...

I love that Emily D.