Wednesday, September 28, 2011


There is so much beauty all around me that sometimes I don't quite know what to do with it. Part of me wants to share it just as it is for those of you who don't see it every day. When I try to recreate it in two dimensions, though, it always seems to fall short and I feel like I'm not really doing it justice. You get images in which you can see that the hills are getting redder and redder with each new day...

...or that in this harvest season, the leaves ripen and change colors little by little just like a piece of fruit. 
The wild plants, just like the farmers' crops, bear fruit. 
The colors of fall are more than gold and orange, yellow and rust... 

...they include shades of blue...

There is work to do in the of the harvest... but I'm not entirely sure what these workers are doing...if you know, please educate me.  

Then there's the other side of me that loves the abstract, the broad stroke of a brush that leaves only an impression - the work of filling in the details is yours to do. This part of me says, 'look, there's light, there's form, there's color, there's movement. This is a marvelous creation before us. My heart swells at the magnificence of it all.' This part of me doesn't want to reproduce what my eyes see in exactness. This part of me merely wants to intrigue you enough to look for yourself and see what YOU can see.

If you recall, a few weeks ago I was playing with texturing my photos by layering multiple images on top of one another, but these are not textured. These are exactly as I shot them in the photoshop treatments, no nothing. I still like the textured effect on some photos, but this method is  much more satisfying to the purist in me. This is how I saw the images as the wind blew the daisies or I squinted my eyes against the sun.

Anyway, what do you think? Photorealistic with details sharp and clear? or abstract? What speaks to you? Do tell.


Lola said...

Love your post and blog - great images!

(Just caught yr comment on Sue's geat site!)



Susan Anderson said...

Usually I like things crystal clear, but in the right mood, I like the dreamier versions...


VK said...

Perfectly duplicated images are frustratingly hard to obtain, because our amazing eyes and other senses seem to be created with no room for improvement.
We try anyway to mimic it exactly because we want others to feel and see what we saw, and for ourselves to relive it a little.
Sometimes however ,it's better to embellish and change it up a little and get a general felling instead of exactness.
I think my mood dictated what I prefer.

VK said...

I just read that comment back and thought, "maybe I need an editor."