Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Other Side of the Hill

I was sad to hear that Andrea Mitchell was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's never pleasant to hear that about anyone, and it might give you extra pause if you hear it the morning that you're scheduled to have your annual breast flattening torture treatment, aka mammogram, which I was today.

Having a mammo - or any kind of medical appointment - requires a trip over the hill, as it were, and into Salt Lake City. Every time I go over the hill, I can't wait to return. I listened to CNN as I drove...that made me want to return all the faster.

On the way back from LDS Hospital, where my appointment was, I passed by the state capitol. It's a nice building, set on the edge of a canyon. Utah is not Washington DC; nonetheless, it reminded me of the perverse political climate in which we live. Another thing that made me want to retreat back to "our" side of the hill.

Then there's the traffic and congestion...

Waiting at a stop light, I was reminded that I can scarcely call myself a runner these days, as I've lost the habit. I still run, but not like I used to. Maybe tomorrow...

Passing through what is commonly referred to as "civilization" (although I wonder's not all that civilized these days), I finally entered into our beloved canyon, gateway to our "wilderness" home...

I swear I heard it cry out to me "Welcome home. Drive carefully."

Once I arrived safely home, the clouds greeted me too. What an amazing place. I truly feel blessed!

Oh, and as for that mammo?...the technician, who was easily 10 years younger than I, cheerily announced to me "hmmm, looks just like last year's, young lady. The doctor will review them and you'll hear from us within 10 days." Looking just like last year's would be a good thing. Hopefully the doctor will contact me with nothing more to say, and that, too, would be a good thing!


Susan Anderson said...

A clean mammogram is always a wonderful thing. (I was sorry to hear about Andrea Mitchell, too.)

You live in such a beautiful spot, Anita.


Elizabeth said...

Very beautiful - I find nature soothing and your pictures lovely. Glad to hear you're in good health too:)

Sarah Haynie said...

Good luck with the mamo results and thanks for the photos of the mountains and skies. Nothing like it in my book. I still miss Utah mountains, ect. and I have been gone a long time.