Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's a Guy to Do?

When a guy who loves cars goes to Indianapolis, what's he to do? Go to the Indianapolis Speedway, of course. And if he's lucky there'll be a race running.

But if there's no race to watch, the next best thing would be a car show with 3000 of the coolest hotrods he might ever hope to lay eyes on...and of course, there's the museum too, which isn't too shabby.

This was my very first car...59 Nash Rambler station wagon. Mine was white, but equally homely. Mine did not have a turbo-charged engine with a blower thingy on it....

 There's nothing quite like a rat rod named Skanky!!

The famous brick finish line at the Indy 500... at one time the whole track was brick (over 80% of the original bricks are still there...under many layers of asphalt). 

 I need new mirrors for my car!

They might have been old, but some of these cars were anything BUT slow!!

...if you're a car junkie and need to see more photos, click here!!

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Susan Anderson said...

Old cars are about as cool as cool gets.