Friday, October 28, 2011

Fading Fall

Day by day the colors begin to fade, and the excitement of fall turns to melancholy as the drab gray cold that precedes winter sets in. This is not a complaint, merely an observation. Although, being honest with myself, I must admit that the winter that lingered well into June this year may have predisposed me to feel just a little apprehensive about things to come.
It's all good, though. I'm excited about skiing...when the snow finally does come. And I'm excited about exploring on snow-shoes...when the snow finally does come. And I'm excited about more studies of white on white...when the snow finally does come. 
Meanwhile, though, I'll be looking for those last glimpses of color that show like bright lights through the thickening gray landscape. And I'll be working on some B&W studies of fall. Or maybe I'll go back to playing with texturizing some of my photos. 

Or maybe I'll visit my friend, Kelly, who creates her own version of fall colors when the ones outside start to fade. 

Or...maybe I won't worry about it but I'll just enjoy seeing what unfolds, day by day.


Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like a good attitude to me. Go with the flow works well when it comes to weather. What else can ya do, right?


Francisca said...

Lovely series of fall images! Eye candy for one who lives in eternal summer. Yet I don't envy you the winters... :-)