Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Stroll

A soft layer of fog veiled the valley below us this morning. I could feel it inviting us to take a walk. I love the peace and quiet and the cool crisp air of morning (yes, you heard me say that!) The snow of this week has mostly melted away and there is a promise of warmer days ahead (well, as much a promise as the weatherman can ever give! haha).

Threw on a sweater and running shoes. Didn't even bother brushing the hair. No camera in hand, just a cell phone. Simple is good.


Ames said...

The fall color is beautiful and I am itching to go see my girl friend in the mountains. I would worry about bears though. Especially with the little dogs. Or have the bears already gone in hibernation??? I'm from the South..what do I know. :( ~Ames

Susan Anderson said...

Somehow my cell phone pictures and your cell phones pictures are not of a kind.