Friday, October 7, 2011

The Weather Girl

Get ready, friends. It's that time when I may have to start giving you the daily weather report...

30ºF, overcast, snow on the ground. Expected high for the day, 40ºF. Need I say more?

And for any of you who might have been whining about me posting photos from a sunny beach somewhere in the world where they get more than 2.43 months of summer (yes, I'm referring to you, VERN!), quit your beyotching... your weather is no worse than mine! Haha. Love you too. 

Hope you all have a warm sunny delightful day!


Vern said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Talk to the hand.

p.s. Wish I was heading out for Marshal's homecoming but we bought tickets months ago for our Fall Break at that exact time. Lame! But hey, I would be more than happy to accompany you on your next beach excursion and we could see each other that way. :)

Susan Anderson said...

Still can't believe it's already snowing out there.