Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sorry... Story... They Sound Kind of Alike...Don't They?

I planted a little sorry seed.
It turned into a giant weed,
With thorns and stickers, oh indeed.

It now seems clear I did not read.
It should have been 'I planted a little story seed.'*
So for mercy now I guess I'll plead.

One hundred words plus six she said.
And no photo, just words instead.
Arg, without photos I might as well be dead.

I really try hard to play by the rules.
But maybe I'm just one of those fools
Who must use my own tools.

So, my friends, this is my bit.
I didn't do it totally legit,
But this is my story and I'm sticking with IT!

*My Saturday Centus apologies, Miss Jenny and Centusians... I'm a photographer, not so much a writer. Without photos, well....anyway... and 112 words vs 106? Is that such a crime? It's like having a cookie, plus a few extra crumbs. What harm can it possibly do?! You'll still let me play with you, right?

And since I've already "sinned" here, thought I'd throw in a couple extra's hard to give up the fall colors just yet... they're going to be gone soooo soon. Thanks for indulging me.


Judie said...

Miss Jenny, I say "Let her in!" The words that come straight from her pen are meant to win the hearts of all who dwell within the blogging world, Amen!!!

21 Wits said...

Oh yes this is super sweet, sorry or story who really knows or cares! The photos, oops photos! ...well the leaves are truly awesome! The have such a great color...a fine presentation!

Unknown said...

Really great pictures and I love the colours.

Unknown said...

Hi Anitamombanita,
I love your poem and your photos!

I got a lower grade from Website Grade because I had too many photos. Geeezz! I'm a visual artist!

I cut down on my images and started writing longer texts and it helped my blog grade. But what bummer! Using the internet is a must for anyone in the visual arts.

Love your verses and the lovely images. I am sure that Mrs. Jenny will let you participate. We'll plead for you!

Great post!
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on mine!
Best wishes,

For the benefit of other readers:

Anna's SC wk 77 'I planted a little story seed'

Susan Anderson said...


Great job, Anita. Loved it!

=) said...

Oh thanks for the laughs. I loved this and the fact we were both thinking about weed. Hmm, that doesn't bode well for our otherwise untarnished reputations. Huh?

The pictures are excellent too.

Viki said...

I think it was great whether you get in trouble or not, ha. Loved your pictures.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love the photos, sometimes, like here, it enhances the story. I should have been a rebel too- I wanted pretty bird filled pies and little flying pig images. ;)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

You may be a photographer, but me thinks you're a poet too. Great job! Your photos are beautiful, and your poem has me laughing. laurie @

Ames said...

I vote to let you in too! I love photgraphy....other peoples photgraphy that is and not my own.~Ames

Unknown said...

Hey, don't knock weeds! Some weeds are very nutritious! You can eat dandelions in a salad or make wine out of them!

Jenny said...

Oh, I loved this! What great prompt that would be...and then you could write 'story seed' - ha!

This was really wonderful! And I loved your photography!

Splendid Little Stars said...

LOL! love it! such a fun post!

my comment on reading some of the comments here: The one constant on my blog is that I always have a picture. In general more pictures, fewer words, makes it easier to read for viewers who peruse many sites. Unless, of course, it's all about the writing!