Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Praying, Ever Praying..

Well, if you're a praying mantis, that's what you do.

My hubby can spot a praying mantis from 100 yards away...and in a moving car. I'm always looking for them when I run, but all I see are crickets crickets crickets. I love to see praying mantis...they have very cute faces.

Now, if you're a rubber rat, maybe you should be praying also...praying that my funny hubby, who just happened to have a mouse trap in the car when we were out on an errand and saw this guy randomly placed on a manhole cover, doesn't decide to embellish the display by placing you in it!

What?! You don't carry mousetraps in your vehicle? Sheeesh.

And you probably also don't photograph any random thing that just happens to get in front of your camera, either, do you? So, I guess he and I are perfectly well suited for each other. 

Yup, we are. Apart from both being a little odd/quirky/silly/downright strange, we also love and appreciate nature. And for that, I'm always praying...prayers of gratitude for the beauty we've been given.



Susan Anderson said...

You make a good pair.


Vern said...

What religion do you think a praying mantis is?

anitamombanita said...

Vern, he's Mormon...from Manti, of course!!