Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Storm or Not to Storm...

I thought it was pretty gray and dismal looking when I awoke this morning...and at our house it was. But my husband, who had made a quick dash to the post office, flew into the house upon returning and told me I needed to hurry and go for a ride with him to see what the rest of the valley looked like.

It seems that the clouds were shifting rapidly letting a little light in here and a little there. The light on the mountain sides was spectacular, although I really only caught the tail end of it. The rest of the day, back at the house where it mostly continued to look gray, I wondered if I should be out riding around in search of more light...but alas, there was other work to be done.

I was pretty excited to see the stunning light. This cow, though, was very ho-hum about the whole thing. Oh well, there's just no pleasing some people (and cows).

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Susan Anderson said...

Sheer splendor surrounds you.

And the light in those photos is perfectly lovely.