Saturday, October 15, 2011

Powder Puff

It was the "old ladies" versus the young women. Us old girls, we had something to prove and we weren't going to be shown up by a bunch of hot shot cuties in their teens. (Now mind you...when I say WE, that doesn't mean I had much of anything to do with the result here.. hard to do anything with 5 minutes of time on the field...I'm the photog, after all). You go girls (you old girls, that is!)!! (Oh, and you young women, you know we love you...and that's why we risked being completely humiliated by if you just let us win, well, good on ya!!)

There are more ways than one to enjoy a football game!

Oh mom, do we really have to sit and watch? I'm soooo tired. 

It DOES say "Do some damage!"

Don't let the tutu fool you...Nicole's one tough cookie. 

 A score for the young women!

 Go Cami...take it to the fence!

Natalie makes another of many sweeping plays, with her daughter on her heels. 

 The ballet play...


Chelsea scores the first TD of the game and gets the "Old Women" on the board!

Isn't there a penalty for too many players on the field? 

 V I C T O R Y!!!

To view the complete unedited set of photos, click here


Susan Anderson said...

What crazy fun, tutu and all.

And you captured it well.


maryelizabethroche said...

I love the little ones...they always steal the show, even when they're tired!