Friday, February 25, 2011


A big storm was supposed to roll in last night, so we were surprised to wake up to a clear sky. But that didn't last long. We hung out in our PJs until a little after noon, watching old runs of Saturday Night Live. Ah, what a life!

It was the kind of day that requires plowing the long steep drive if we were going to go anywhere. So, being "stuck" in the house, meant that I'd have to find something other than icicles to photograph.

It was a perfect day to try out some new techniques I'd been wanting to experiment with anyway.


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Nikki Nichols said...

I always think it would be so fun to plow, but then realize if I HAD to do it everyday then that might be another thing :) The pictures are way cool... do you use photoshop? and if so how did you learn to use it, its so confusing to me!