Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puppy Love and All That Stuff

OK, so Monday is Valentine's Day...or as I like to think of it, the day that Hallmark, FTD and See's Candy make a good chunk of their annual haul. It's not that I'm cynical; it's just that I think that the expression of love and friendship shouldn't be confined to a single day of the year and informed by large money-grubbing corporations.

But, in keeping with my goal of using the Saturday Centus as my "inspiration", here's what you get. First off, the "inspiration" this week was a photograph, not a sentence fragment, so it's a little more challenging, but that's OK.  My friend, Sue, wrote the perfect Valentine "jingle" to go with the image and to inspire my posting for today. Click on her name to see her poem and the original photo.

And here's my take on the theme:

I am but a little pup,
I know not what to do.

And so, my older, wiser friend,
I find myself looking up to you.

I dream of places far away; 
Perhaps you've dreamt a time or two.

Come along with me my, little friend.
I'll show you where to go.

I'll show you how to scale the heights.
I'll take you to the snow.

We'll see the vastness of the world.
We'll make new friends along the way.

We'll run and play and have great fun.
We'll never have a dull or boring day.

I'll follow you where'er you go.
I'll always be your friend and true.

I'll follow you where'er you go;
I only want to be with you!


Sandra said...

OMG, words cannot describe how fantastic I found this post. You made it rhyme, which...well, bonus! But those puppy doggies are too cute for words!

Kathryn Knudsen said...

You are a poet! Great pics, great blog! And thanks to you and Paige, I've just figured out how to post a comment!

Rachey said...

So cute!

VK said...

Looooove the doggies. I want one, but only if I have a permanent babysitter for her. So, I guess not.
You are also quite the clever gal.

Susan Anderson said...

So cute, Anita!

Love it.