Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farewell, My Deceitful Lover

Farewell, my icicles. You came into my life like a thing of sublime beauty. Dangling, glistening, beckoning before my eyes in the morning light and the glow of the moon against a black sky. Twinkling brightly, you mesmerized me, all the time working your dark plot while I succumbed to your beauty.  Instead of long straight fingers, like those of a fine pianist, yours have become like jealous claws. And then, suddenly, like a flash flood, I discovered that you had let your evil twin into my life, and his works were streaming forth from every crack and crevice he could find.

Farewell, my beloved icicles. Our love has been violated by that wicked one who lurks in your shadow, the evil ice dam. Go now, icicles, and should you think to return, I shall be waiting and ready to fend off your advances.


Ashley said...

these icicles are so weird! How do they all end up growing sideways and out like that?

Susan Anderson said...

These icicle photos are classic. Seriously,