Tuesday, March 1, 2011


OK, call me a slacker. In fact, call me anything you like. But truth is, when you live in a place that seems to have eternal winter and you get a couple of blue sky, clear as a bell, sunshine on your face kind of days, you have to get out and take advantage of them. And yes, I suppose one could say that taking advantage of them means getting out with the camera and shooting. True, but it also means skiing. Notably absent in my photos are people...that's because we practically had the mountain to ourselves. I own the mountain!!! Haha, or so it would seem.

I admit it. I've been a slacker the past couple days when it comes to blogging. There's another snow storm on its way, so don't you worry. I'll be back to shooting again soon. But in the meantime, I'm going skiing!

(I may be a goofball. But one thing about me...I'm not vain...or I'd never post this photo!)


Susan Anderson said...


Glad you two are having fun! It looks gorgeous out there!!


Stephanie said...

Whatever, that's a cute picture!