Saturday, August 13, 2011

Could We Possibly Have Any More Fun?!

Sunny day! Let's go for a walk to the pond!

Sunny days call for shades...cooool shades.

Let's go see the geese. Hmmm.... looks like the geese are coming to see US!


It's a long walk back up the hill... and hot...

...I'm tired. too... 

...I don't want to walk any further.

...thanks for carrying me, Mom.

Thump found a cool place on the deck to watch the action.

Jake and Albert wanted to be IN on the action, but had to be content just to watch.

....and later in the day, ahhh, an audience... let us entertain you!

Jake and Albert had to be content to entertain themselves...and so they did.

Even food can be entertaining, especially when you eat it very dramatically...AND have an audience.

Who can pull the best faces?

Goodnight. I'm going to bed...and closing the door behind me... see you in the morning.

1 comment:

Susan Anderson said...

Glad you're all having so much fun. In your case, Grandma's house (and surroundings!) really IS the best place to visit!!